Clearly my thought process for the next Transformers film. The Decepticons have finally wised up and figured out how to take down Shia Labeouf. Get him drunk and he’ll eventually get beaten up in a bar fight.


Life-Size Transformer Wine Rack

A lighting salesman in Phoenix has created this massive, 1,000 pound wine rack installation out of used transmission parts from old cars and motorcycles, chemically treated and devoid of any corrosive materials, of course. Course, if you’re purchasing a giant walking Transforming wine-rack, I question why you’d want to corrosive materials removed, but that’s just me. Holding 32 bottles of your finest Cybertronian vintages, this monstrosity can actually be yours from craigslist for the bargain basement price of $7,000 USD.

(via: digitaltrends / theawesomer)